The Trial – HOPE ECD-DBD

  • HOPE ECD-DBD is currently the first active and on 2 sites recruiting randomised controlled trial investigating the specific effects of HOPE on ECD organs in DBD transplantation (NCT03124641).
  • HOPE ECD-DBD focuses on patients solely receiving ECD-allografts, a population we anticipate the best cost/benefit ratio from the utilization of HOPE.
  • HOPE ECD-DBD focuses on donation after brain death, the most frequent source of ECD-allografts in Europe.
  • Multi-centric multinational design, 4 centres (University Hospital RWTH Aachen, University Hospital Prague, University Hospital Ghent, University Hospital Bucharest)
  • Principal Investigator (University Hospital Aachen): Georg Lurje, M.D.
  • Local Investigator (University Hospital Aachen): Zoltan Czigany, M.D.
  • Local Investigator (University Hospital Heidelberg): Arianeb Mehrabi, M.D.
  • Local Investigator (University Hospital Prague, IKEM): Jiri Fronek, M.D.
  • Local Investigator (University Hospital Ghent): Xavier Rogiers, M.D.
  • Local Investigator (University Hospital Bucharest): Irinel Popescu, M.D.

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